Portland Text Messages

Portland Text Messages

A small archive of text messages from Portland public officials is available here: https://www.portlandpublicrecords.com/

Heads up: Hardesty is calling around to see if she can get the votes to defund SROs, GVRT, and Transit. Re GVRT, she doesn't have the votes (Eudaly said yes, Fritz said no). Don't know ab the other two. She also apparently has an op-ed coming out tmrw ab this. 02:29am, Jun 3rd  Sonia and I just spoke and SRO issue may be addressed at tmrw's press conference. Sonia is calling Jami now. She hasn't spoken w Mayor so this may all be shot down. 02:31am, Jun 3rd  Any thoughts about the ppb email? 08:25pm, Jun 4th  Shit, I'm sorry. Things have been crazy. I'll look at it now 08:25pm, Jun 4th  K thx 08:25pm, Jun 4th  Hey. I don't have the bandwidth to edit the email right now - both Hardesty and Eudaly are wanting to come out w their own police accountability proposals, so I'm trying to get ahead of that.
excerpt from a request for" All of Robert King's text messages between May 28th and August 14th" https://www.portlandpublicrecords.com/record/10 

This is a neat archive. Please share any interesting findings with me at https://twitter.com/alankesslr

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