My Practice

My Practice

I’m passionate about open public records, active transportation, and abundant housing. I will always consider engagements — paid or pro bono — that provide opportunities to advance these goals.

I love exploring technology, learning new skills, and solving puzzles.

I am trained as an intellectual property attorney.

After graduating with a Physics degree from Reed College and a Law degree from The University of Pennsylvania Law School, I worked for a California intellectual property boutique litigating, prosecuting, and advising on patents and trademarks.

Upon leaving the firm, I worked as a sole practitioner litigating civil disputes in Washington State and continuing to work on patent and trademark matters. One of my clients, a Portland patent consultancy, brought me in-house to help direct their consulting and brokerage practice, to help form and operate its subsidiary seed-stage investment fund, and to assist with in-house legal matters.

Now, as a sole practitioner, I am accepting new clients on engagements related to patents, trademarks, trade secrets, public records, FOIA, or civil litigation in general.

I am licensed to practice law in Oregon, Washington, and California.