An Apology

I apologize to those people I harmed during my tweet tantrum last week.

I made a statement about ADHD, which I phrased as though it were universal. Several people let me know they felt minimized by my words; Instead of hearing them and apologizing, I ignored their experiences, and dug in to try to explain myself.

I then referred to those trying to call me in as "mean thems,". Weaponizing trans identities in an attempt to minimize their voices is an act of transphobia. In doing so, I was transphobic. This was wrong. I am sorry to everyone I harmed.

People pointed out: being corrected is a gift. I rejected this gift every step of the way and made things increasingly worse for everyone involved.

I know I hold substantial privilege; it is important to me that I recognize this and don't "punch down." Last week I repeatedly punched down.

I have reached out directly to some of those harmed. I invite anyone else who was harmed to tell me what, if anything, I can do to make amends.

I would like to be the type of person who reacts with kindness and empathy when people tell me they're harmed. I promise to work to do better; and I promise to listen better when I don't.

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